Bundle Kit – 3rd Step to Reading Part 2

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In the 3rd Steps, we begin gathering knowledge of the Common English Code (the most common spellings of all 43 sounds in the English language), word endings, and the rules and tendencies of the English language. Spelling and writing skills are taught exercised.

Part 1 focuses on vowel sounds long and short, in fun and games. Students, in turn, increase reading accuracy, spelling and writing skills, so that by the end of this Step (6 months / 1 school year, on average), you have an Advanced Reader that is becoming more confident in spelling and writing!

Part 2 concludes teaching the Code with all of the consonant and other sounds, and their spellings, through fun activities and games. By the end of this Step you have an Independent Reader (for life!), and a more accurate and confident speller and writer!

Teaching Multiple Students?

Purchase an additional 3rd Step Part 2 Student Kit! Each student needs their own student kit, but you only need one teacher kit!


Your student is ready for 3rd Step Pt. 2 if they have mastered all of the previously listed skills, as well as:

  • mastered “qu”
  • “ ’c’ followed by ‘e, i or y’ ” practice.
  • “vowel, consonant + e” practice.
  • all vowels long and short sounds and their common spellings (there are about 60!).
  • spelling at a level of at least Grade 2 mastery.
  • *Listen /say is the concept of auditory processing (without visualization). The teacher says the word, the student listens, and is then able to say each sound in the word, as well as pick them out visually (spell).

Note: If your student is starting 3rd Step Pt. 2 with no prior JoyFully Read!™  instruction, you must purchase the green 3rd Step Pt.1 sound cards as well.

3rd Step Part 2 Student Kit includes:

  • Workbook
  • JoyFully Read! Pouch
  • Readers
  • Common English Code Flashcards (Orange)
  • Phenomenal Fox Poster
  • Stickers
  • Pencil
  • JoyFully Read! Carrying Bag

3rd Step Part 2 Teacher Kit includes:

  • 3rd Step Part 2 Training Video Download
  • JoyFully Read! Parent Binder
  • Teaching Tips
  • 3rd Step Part 2 Lesson Plans & Answers
  • Website Membership for 3rd Step Part 2 videos, games ideas, and more
  • Beat Reminders Poster


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