Immanuel H.

Immanuel Hamukoto

Age: 11

Grade in 2022 school year: 6

Joyfully Read Level: 3rd Step Part 1

Mother Tongue: Oshiwambo, English

Hobbies: Arts, video gaming and Tennis and

Favorite Subjects:  Math, Science, social studies, computers

What he wants to be when he grows up: a doctor or engineer

A little bit more about Immanuel: He loves helping others and spending time with his family and best friend.

Immanuel K.

Name Here

Age: 8

Grade in 2022 School Year: 3

Joyfully Read Level: 1st Step

Mother Tongue: Khoekhoegowab 

What I want to be when I grow up: A police officer so that I can keep my community safe.

I like school because it is fun and it will help me make money when I grow up to buy things like a car.

My favorite subject is reading because it makes you smart.

After school, I like to eat, watch TV, and play with cars.

I help out at home by washing dishes.