Frequently Asked Questions


Where should my child start in the program?

Placement in our program is based off of reading skill levels (not age or grade) in order to get the best results for each individual. We have created a “Which Step?” form to help you identify where your child will start! Click the link below to see it! If you’re having trouble, contact us! We want to make sure your child starts in the right place and leaves no gaps along the way!

Which Step?

Is this program just for young children?

No! We are for EVERYONE! We’ve helped 3 year olds and 72 year olds learn how to read! No matter the age, we can help everyone!

Is this program only for struggling readers?

No! We help all readers along their journey! We can help struggling readers, help students get ahead in school, and or be used as a reading curriculum!

What is our teaching method?

We are our own program, using our own methods, based on the scientific findings of Dr. Dianne McGuinness, and then expanded to fit Michelle Corbin’s menu for JOY! Dianne has several books out, but the one we recommend is, “Why Our Children Can’t Read and What We Can Do About it”. In the JoyFully Read! reading program, we have reading “sessions” or “lessons” only twice a week, for a total of 45 minutes each, which include a 5 minute warm up, 25 minute workbook time, and end with a 15 min. application game. We celebrate a lot and have fun. Our learners move up an average of 1 reading grade level every six weeks! You can learn more about what we do, how, and what makes us different by checking out our website. Feel free to meander through the website and contact us with any more questions!

Why is the website beneficial to me?

Our website is meant to be an additional tool to help bring you great success! We have created LOTS of additional help videos for each Step in our program to ensure you understand and are getting the results you want! On top of that, we have game ideas/suggestions, updated answer keys, tips for every Step, and more! Access to these videos is given when Bundle Kits are purchased and lasts for 4/6 months depending on the Step! Use them, they are a wonderful tool! To access your Membership Content, you need to login!

Do I really need a student kit for every child?

Yes! We want our students to take ownership of their materials! We want them to feel proud and excited that they are progressing in their reading skills! That’s why we color readers, put stickers on cards and posters, write on flashcards, and more!

Do I need a teacher kit in order to teach the program?

Yes! The teacher kit contains vital information, teaching methods, and tips that are necessary for our program to be taught correctly and successfully! We love hearing the successful stories and the teacher kit is necessary for these results!

Does JoyFully Read! use the Orton Gillingham Method?

We have heard of, but don’t know the method, ourselves. We have heard from past users of Orton-Gillingham, that have become JoyFully Read! users, that our program does not conflict with it, but is SO much more fun and easy, with at least the same amount of success, or more!


Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy

We, at JoyFully Read!, want your children to be successful in their journey of learning to read, and overall, we want it to be joyful for everyone! That’s why we offer such an amazing opportunity. Not completely satisfied with how your students are progressing with JoyFully Read!? Contact us (information below) to set up your completely FREE one-on-one phone call with Michelle Corbin, Certified Reading Specialist as well as Owner & Creator of JoyFully Read! Reading Program! Together, you will work to identify any issues that may be causing unsatisfactory results with JoyFully Read! Reading Program and set a plan to resolve them! We want joyful success!

Return Policy

If you are unsatisfied with any of the JoyFully Read! product, you may return it within 90 days for a full refund (excluding shipping) AFTER contacting and working personally with our Owner & Creator to identify & resolve the problem.

Requirements for Full Refund:

  1. Phone Conference with Owner & Creator of JoyFully Read!, Michelle Corbin, where together, you will discover any issues that may be keeping the program from working properly, as well as 30 days of retrail after discovering the problem.
  2. Items must be returned in as-new unblemished condition within a week of requested refund

All materials must be present, in order, unmarked, securely bound together

  1. Since there is no way to return electronic downloads, if you are dissatisfied with a product you have purchased in a digital format we ask that you verify in writing – email is fine – that you have uninstalled the products in question and destroyed all copies of the product download file(s), as well as any printed copies you have made.
  2. Proof of purchase is required.

Don’t see your question? Send it to us through the form below or email us at and we will get back to you ASAP!