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Why JoyFully Read!™?

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We put the JOY into learning to read. JoyFully Read!™ is a multi-sensory program that helps all ages (including beginning readers) learn to understand, overcome struggles, and love reading and spelling. We offer private tutoring for all levels, classes for beginning levels, and materials for teachers, private tutors, and homeschoolers of all ages. We also certify reading tutors with teaching or English degrees.

The JoyFully Read!™ headquarters is located in Provo, UT. We also have tutors in several cities of the Western United States: St. George, UT; Cedar City, UT; Temecula, CA; Bakersfield, CA; and Arizona. We are rapidly expanding! Look for a location to come near you. Better yet, become one!

JoyFully Read!™ is an effective reading program for beginning readers, struggling readers, students with learning disabilities (including dyslexia), adult learners, and bilingual learners. We have special versions of our program made specifically for individuals, schools, and organizations from homeschooling families and literacy programs, to supplementing a student’s school work, as well as tutors and teachers that need a high-quality reading program to boost effectiveness in their tutoring business or classroom work.


Statistics show that every six weeks JoyFully Read!™ students move up:

One Grade Level
Two Grade Levels
Three Grade Levels

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After assessing, we will tell you:

  • Grade Level

    What grade level your child is currently reading at, as well as his / her strengths and weaknesses in reading

  • Which Step?

    Which JoyFully Read!™ reading class & “Step” we feel would be best for your child

  • Reading Skill Goal

    Where we feel your child should be in his/her reading skills, after completing their reading FUN with JoyFully Read!™

There will be a fee for the time spent with your evaluator, due at the time of the assessment.


A BIG thank you to our sponsor, SubZero™, for their support and devotion to the education of children everywhere.