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1st Step

Brief Description of 1st Step

In 1st Step to Reading, we introduce all the letter sounds (no letter names!) using the fun characters “Taf” and “Tom,” music, games and activities and celebrations, while learning how to write the letters correctly along the way. Students learn how to identify the beginning, middle, and end sounds and their placement. They will be Rainbow Reading (blending) three letter words in no time! By the end of this Step (12 to 16 weeks on average), students are already reading books and finding the joy in reading… so exciting!!

2nd Step

Brief Description of 2nd Step:

In 2nd Step to Reading, we learn all the letter names (after the letter sounds are mastered in 1st Step, of course!) and their capitals with the help of the Reading Galaxy Characters, music, games, activities and celebrations. We work on more blending, now with 4 letter words. We introduce and master 4 most common digraphs in the English language, giving them the base they need to learn the Common English “Code,” in the 3rd Steps, and one step closer to being an independent reader for life!

3rd Step Part 1

Brief Description of 3rd Step Part 1:

In 3rd Step Part 1 to Reading, we start learning the Common English “Code” that enables our learners to gain the knowledge needed to sound out any words they come across while reading. We start with the vowels, long and short, using them in several different ways to help all our students learn in a way that they can retain it (it “sticks”). This Step introduces breaking words into Beats, or syllables, to help them with words they may not know, as well as learning the rules and tendencies of the English language, as well as Word Endings.

3rd Step Part 2

Brief Description of 3rd Step Part 2:

In 3rd Step Part 2 to Reading, we continue learning the Common English “Code,” now working on the consonant sounds. We use several different avenues of teaching/practicing to reach all types of learners. Beats, Rules, Tendencies, and Word Endings are still a major focus throughout this Part as well. By the end of this Step, students will be confident spellers and independent readers for life!! They will have the knowledge to sound out any words they may ever come across!