Student Kit – 3rd Step to Reading Part 2


3rd Step Part 2 Complete Kit includes the 3rd Step Part 2 Workbook, 12 story books, flashcards, poster, stickers, pencil and pouch.


3rd Step Part 2 (4-6 month reading program) Becoming a “Phenomenal Fox” Reader! Student Kit includes:

Workbook: 100+ page attractively illustrated and colorful workbook. This book may look a bit “childish”, but don’t let it fool you…this book will get your student reading at end of high school reading level, or what we may call an independent reader. We have seen many illiterate adults go from here to college, a promotion at work or a “never even dreamed of” career that provides for their family! It covers:

  • Introduction of advanced sounds and their advanced common spellings in the English language
  • Multi-syllable (up to 5 & 6 syllable) word mastery practice worksheets and spelling exercises
  • More advanced word endings used in the English language (awareness, application and practice)
  • Writing practice
  • Sound sections spelling lists
  • Progression poster

Pouch contains:

  • 12 readers
  • A writing pencil
  • Flash Cards
  • Stickers for poster

Engage students and help them build confidence and find reading a joyful experience! 3rd Step to Reading Part 2 Student Kit includes everything your student needs to become a phenomenal reader all in a fun, memorable way. The student is meant to be taught by a JRCP certified tutor or a teacher or parent using the training/instruction in a 3rd Step Teacher Kit.


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