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We admire teachers! While teaching JoyFully Read!™ in a school classroom setting has its challenges, Michelle and other teachers have seen great benefits and astounding results (see the video above). Because the JoyFully Read!™ Program is not based on age or grade, it is taught in “reading families or teams” that are put together based on reading skills found in reading assessments. Here, the students mix with other students of different ages and grades to create a team setting of love and support for each other.

JoyFully Read!™ is the perfect reading, writing, vocabulary and spelling teaching tool for a busy teacher! “Reading days” or sessions are held twice a week, for 45 minutes (see Step/program info. below for the breakdown). Everything our students and teachers need for these sessions and the 5 minute daily individual exercise is provided in JoyFully Read!’s 3 Step’s Classroom Bundles. Every fun session’s planning/preparation is very minimal to nothing (every teacher’s dream)! We want you to feel supported and encouraged as you joyfully teach your students to be independent readers for life!

“I’ve taught kindergarten for 20 years, and have had the best results this year, thanks to JoyFully Read!” ~ Whitney

Our Joyful Reading Curriculum

That's right! In 3 Steps, you'll have an independent reader for life!
1st Step
In the 1st Step, we have fun learning all the letter sounds (no letter names!) and how to write them, as well as blending and segmenting of 3 letter words! We have music, games, color, and fun while building a strong foundation in reading. We are reading within 3-4 weeks. By the end of this Step (12-16 weeks, on average), you have a Beginning Reader!
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2nd Step
In the 2nd Step, we celebrate while we continue blending and segmenting, eventually moving up to 4 letter words with most commonly used digraphs (2 letters together that make one sound). We learn many of the Dolch High Frequency sight words and use them in our Section Readers. By the end of this Step (12-16 weeks, on average), you have an Intermediate Reader!
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3rd Step Part 1

In 3rd Steps, we begin gathering knowledge of the Common English Code (the most common spellings of all 43 sounds in the English language). Part 1 focuses on vowel sounds long and short, in fun and games. Students, in turn, increase reading accuracy, spelling and writing skills, so that by the end of this Step (6 months, on average), you have an Advanced Reader that is becoming more confident in spelling and writing!
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3rd Step Part 2

Part 2 concludes teaching word endings, the rules and tendencies of the English language, and the Code with all of the consonant and other sounds, and their spellings, through fun activities and games. Spelling and writing skills are taught exercised.
By the end of this Step you have an Independent Reader (for life!), and a more accurate and confident speller and writer!
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How do I become a JoyFully Read!™ teacher?

  • If required, get approval from your principal.
  • Let us know you’re interested! Fill out the “Get in contact with us” form.
  • You will be contacted by a JoyFully Read!™ School Success Planner to determine which training materials you need. The “Which Step?” form will help you determine which Step you need for your classroom. We will help you make the best plan for your needs when we contact you.
  • Order and purchase your training and class materials online or with your JoyFully Read!™ School Success Planner and begin! You will immediately feel the difference in your classroom!

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