Bundle Kit – 2nd Step to Reading

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Our program consists of 3 Steps to Reading that are broken up into 4 parts: 1st Step, 2nd Step, 3rd Step Part 1 and 3rd Step Part 2. Our program was created to help Beginning Readers become Independent Readers, and everyone in between get there too! The Steps are not based on age (we serve 3-73+ year olds!), but, instead, reading skills levels.

In the 2nd Step, we celebrate while learning the capital letters as well as letter names! We continue blending and segmenting, eventually moving up to 4 letter words with most commonly used digraphs (2 letters together that make one sound). We learn many of the Dolch High Frequency sight words and use them in our Section Readers. By the end of this Step (12-16 weeks, on average), you have an Intermediate Reader!

Teaching Multiple Students?

Purchase an additional 2nd Step Student Kit! Each student needs their own student kit, but you only need one teacher kit!


Your student is ready for 2nd Step if they:

  • have mastered all basic letter sounds (knowledge of letter names doesn’t matter at this point).
  • have mastered the blending process in simple 3 letter words.
  • have mastered the segmentation process in simple 3 letter words.
  • show readiness for weekly “spelling lists/tests”.
  • can write their letters satisfactorily.
  • do well with the *listen/say process.
  • need sight word knowledge up to K Level lists.

2nd Step Student Kit includes:

  • Workbook
  • JoyFully Read! Pouch
  • Readers
  • Letter Flashcards
  • WordStrips
  • Sound Gard Game
  • Music CD
  • Pencil
  • JoyFully Read! Carrying Bag

2nd Step Teacher Kit includes:

  • 2nd Step Training Video Download
  • JoyFully Read! Parent Binder
  • Teaching Tips
  • 2nd Step Lesson Plans & Answers
  • Website Membership for 2nd Step videos, games ideas, and more
  • Windy Tongue/Tickle Tong Poster


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