Student Kit -2nd Step to Reading


2nd Step Student Kit includes the 2nd Step Workbook, 8 story books, music CD, flashcards, game pieces, wordstrips, pouch and pencil.


2nd Step to Reading (12-16 week reading program) Becoming a Galaxy Reader! Student Kit includes:

Workbook:  79 page, beautifully illustrated, attractive and colorful workbook…students love it! Taught in 4 fun-filled, color coded sections covering

  • Introduction of letter names
  • Introduction of  “Capital” and “Lower case” letters
  • Writing practice
  • Introduction of
    • Digraphs sh, ch, th, and ck
    • VC, VCC, CVCC & CCVC words
  • Blending, segmenting and auditory processing of up to 4 letter words
  • Optional weekly spelling lists covering and including all Dolce Frequency words through level K including some more advanced level words.
  • Certificates to be celebrated for each of 4 sections upon completion & mastery of the basic reading universe!

Pouch contains:

  • Music CD
  • 8 Galaxy readers
  • An approved beginner’s writing pencil
  • Letter Cards
  • Color coded (to match each section of the workbook):
    • flashcards
    • word strips
    • sound square game cards

Engage students in their reading education and  help them build confidence and find reading a joyful experience! 2nd Step to Reading Student Kit includes everything your student needs to become a Galaxy Reader/ “Master of the Basic Reading Universe!”, all in a fun, portable JoyFully Read! pouch. The student is meant to be taught by a JRCP certified tutor or a teacher or parent using the training/instruction in a  2nd Step Teacher Kit.


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