Student Kit – 1st Step to Reading


1st Step Student Kit includes everything your 1st Step student needs, including the 1st Step Workbook, 4 story readers, music CD, color coded: game pieces, flash cards and word strips, a pencil and JoyFully Read! carrying pouch. 

Your student should work in the 1st Step if they:

  • are just beginning their reading experience.
  • have not mastered the entire alphabet letter sounds (knowledge of letter names doesn’t matter at this point).
  • have not mastered basic blending.
  • have not mastered basic segmenting.
  • have not mastered the *listen/say process (*auditory processing).
  • need introduction/a great deal of practice on writing individual letters.


1st Step to Reading (12-16 week program) with “Taf the Cat” and “Tom the Dog” Student Kit includes:

Workbook: 69 page, playfully & beautifully illustrated, attractive and colorful workbook…students love it! Introduction of all 26 English alphabet letter sounds and their writing taught in 4 fun filled sections:

  • Section 1- Taf Cat
  • Section 2- Tom Dog
  • Section 3- Taf & Tom
  • Section 4- The Wet Pets

Which include exercises of

  • Blending, segmenting, and auditory processing practice in 3 letter words (CVC)
  • Section sight word lists containing words to be read in each character’s section story reader (provided in pouch)
  • 4 Colorful certificates to be awarded and celebrated at the time of mastery/completion of each section

Pouch Contains:

  • 4 readers
  • Music CD
  • Color coded Sound Cards Game
  • Color coded Sounds Flash cards
  • Color coded Word strips
  • Pencil

Everything your student needs to become a beginning reader, all in a fun portable JoyFully Read! pouch. The student is meant to be taught by a JRCP certified tutor or a teacher or parent using the training/instruction in a  1st Step Teacher Kit.


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