Read about our Tutoring Business Successes!

I had all the help I needed to start my center! The training was very thorough so I felt prepared and confident from the moment my first student came through the door. The hardest part about having my own center is getting new students, but Michelle has helped me out with any questions I have. It has been great to make my own hours and be a stay at home mom thanks to my opportunity to work from home just a couple hours a day. The perfect job for me is working with JoyFully Read!™

-DaeNeese Esplin
St. George, UT Center


Being a Center Owner has opened up an avenue of opportunities. I’ve enjoyed getting acquainted with new people. It’s been such a privilege to help these young people who need help; to give them the building blocks of reading and see their confidence levels change.
I’ve witnessed many frustrated mothers come to me saying, “I’ve worked and worked with my Johnny, but he just doesn’t get it.” After working with “Johnny,” we’re amazed to see how JoyFully Read!™ clicks, retention starts, and progress occurs.
I’ve enjoyed being a Reading Center Owner and recommend it to others because it’s an awesome way to earn money and I can set my own hours. As a Center Owner, I am providing a much-needed service, which has been very rewarding to me.
-Truly Barlow
Enoch, UT Center