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Parent/Student “Bundles.” Save big when purchasing the Reading Step’s Kits as “Bundles.” JoyFully Read!™ loves and supports family involvement! We know that JoyFully Read!™ will bring an added measure of joy to your family. We encourage this by offering our Parent/Student Bundle at a highly discounted rate.

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2nd Step Bundle

After teaching those within your own circle, loving it, and wanting to help more, wouldn’t it be great to help others in your community to read or get past being a struggling reader? If you love it so much, become a JoyFully Read!™ Certified Tutor to create extra income and help your community! This is how Michelle came to create JoyFully Read!™ Tutoring from her own home to supplement her family income, while teaching her children and being able to stay home with them while serving her community in such a rewarding capacity. Full certification does require a teaching, language, or behavioral science degree obtained previous to JR training. The JoyFully Read!™ Certification Program (JRCP) training requires no degree. Contact us and we’ll help you learn what you can do!